Quick guide to the peculiar teachings of Seventh-Day Adventism

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Conversations I have had over the past few months have me convinced it is again time to repost parts of an earlier blog.

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Often when it is discovered I was a “Seventh-Day” Adventist I am asked questions.  When I answer them, I go over our unique teachings and beliefs and message.

  • We have a prophetess Ellen G. White who we are taught was inspired and received visions from God and had an angelic guide
  • we believe to worship Saturday is Seal of God and
  • that to worship on Sunday is the Mark of the Beast
  • We believe in the end times Christians who go to church on Sunday will try to kill us because we worship on the Jewish Sabbath. Christians become angry at us SDAs angry since we are God’s holy people for keeping our version of the Jewish Sabbath.  Sometimes we re-enact this in summer camps and church camps for our kids to remind them.

After the startled looks are gone, I then hear, “Oh I thought you were just like us but just went to church on Saturdays.

The most startling comment for me was when I called the pastor who married me and my wife.  I called him in March of this year to thank him for officiating our wedding and to let him know that after 15 Years we were still together.  Pastor Meyers a Baptist pastor, stepped in a few months before our wedding because the original pastor who was an SDA and family friend refused to marry us.  His reasoning was Kathe was not a baptized Seventh-Day Adventist and SDAs should not be equally yoked with unbelievers.

When I revealed to Pastor Meyer the story he became surprised.  As I revealed to him the more esoteric details of SDA beliefs he said, ‘I was a pastor in the Redlands, CA area just down the road from Loma Linda, all that time and I had no idea that is what they believed.’

Rose Publishing puts together many excellent materials used by respected ministries listed here.  They have created a pamphlet for that explains some of the doctrines of “Seventh-Day” Adventism, similar to that or Mormonism, Jehovah Witness and other cults.  Rose Publishing presents the Adventist claims and provides the citations from Adventism’s materials and more importantly the Rose’s pamphlet provides you what Scripture says.

With special written permission Rose Publishing has permitted me to share three of the Panels from their Pamphlet 10 Q&A on Seventh-day Adventism.  Please note these pages are Copyright Rose Publishing/Bristol Works, Inc.

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Other Panels of the  pamphlet discuss the issues of —

How they began.
Was Ellen White a Prophet of God?
The SDA position on the nature of Jesus and the Trinity.
What happens to you when you die?
What is the “Investigative Judgment”?
Does God Require Us to Observe the Seventh-Day Sabbath?
Is the SDA Church God’s Unique “Remnant Church.”

There are other website addresses listed where you can go to find out more information from people who left Adventism for Christianity. Best of all, tis pamphlet will help others understand and avoid the Great Confusion.

To order the entire pamphlet or download to your computer you can go here.

10 Q&A on Seventh-day Adventism pamphlet