Glancing back in the mirror

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The Start

Whew!!  It’s been just over five years since the family and joined the Christian Body, but it sure seems much longer.  Just like on a road trip when you drive and drive and drive.  Then you pull over to gas up your tanks; maybe you might even take a look at your GPS or map.  If you’re like me, you smile at the distance you’ve put between the starting point and where you are.

Kate Ter Har, untitled, January 14, 2013, Creative Commons License
Kate Ter Har, untitled, January 14, 2013, Creative Commons License

The road may have had bumps, curves maybe there was some beautiful scenery or YUCK even traffic that slowed you down far more than you planned!  Hey, that ok.  The point is you’re making progress, and there’s is an adventure before you and look there are other’s on the road with you.

This blog is a mix of my stories, resources and observations of my family’s exodus from Seventh-Day Adventism.  It is an Exodus make no mistake about it.  Because unlike a vacation where you have a home to return to, we left a culture, an identity some friends and the security of the familiar behind.

If you are planning to take this trip:
My blog is meant to provide you with road maps and markers and company.  Some of my stories and experiences of my 39 years being raised as a Seventh-Day Adventist or SDA as we referred to ourselves will sound familiar others unfamiliar.   I’m on this road as well, and I’ll introduce you to friendly spots with friends who have taken this journey too.  I will also give you resources and references that you probably never knew or were never told existed–some of which were maliciously hidden from you.  You should know that over 300,000 people a year take this same journey and never go back.

Christian and Christain Pastor who is wondering about Seventh-Day Adventism:

My blog is a candid layout of what it is we learn in Seventh-Day Adventism. You may have only heard of SDAs and thought we are are different only because we don’t eat pork or that we go to church on Saturday.  There is so much more behind the Doctrines, and often you don’t know to ask and we are not open to tell you.  Often we don’t understand how you can see what it is we were taught.

Is it a problem?  With 18,000,000 members worldwide it is.  With the Christain Church in America losing membership and some Christain churches even sharing their building with SDAs you will eventually meet one of us.  As SDAs, our goal is to witness to you about our Sabbath Truth, and we will do it with our hospitals, our “church schools” and with our Revelation Crusades.

If you’ve left but don’t know where to go next:
You’re not alone with so many leaving the cult there are more and more of us around to help, you won’t be stranded by the side of the road.  Don’t get discouraged Jesus our Lord and Master has been down this very same road and gone before us he knows the loneliness and rejection.  But the same way me Promised that He would fulfill all the requirements of the Law and did, He promised He is coming back soon for us.

For the Christain Pastor or Christian, Do you know any SDAs?  What have they told you SDAism is about and did you know to ask them about their Prophetess and her visions.  How about what they believe is the Mark of the Beast?
For the Exiting SDA, What is it that keeps you in Seventh-Day Adventism.

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